DeskZulu Review



DeskZulu is an online help desk that runs on your web server. It gives you a simple, straightforward interface for managing.If you currently use email to handle customer service requests, this can be costing you a huge amount of time.

Think of what your email inbox looks like right now. If you’re like most people it’s a mix of personal messages, spam, and business-related messages.It’s cluttered.If you get dozens of messages every day, you might actually miss messages entirely, pissing off your customers to no end and potentially costing you busisness.

DeskZulu has all the basic features of the higher end ticket management apps,On top of that, you can have an unlimited number of users online at any time, at no extra cost. DeskZulu doesn’t operate on a Monthly payment or subscription model.

DeskZulu is not only dramatically more affordable than the subscription-based help desk… It’s also much more flexible, safe, secure and private. When you use a subscription-based Ticket System on someone else’s server, your personal files are at their disposal.